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Let me introduce myself

I am Sara, a yoga teacher, drama teacher, actress and director.

My name is Sara Skei Munkner

I am Sara, a yoga teacher, drama teacher, actress and director. I help people connect with their bodies, voice, surroundings, and discover their creativity.


I always ask questions, seek out knowledge, and try to understand the depths of how things function. A huge part of my love of teaching is that - through teaching others - I am learning as well. Added to that is the bonus of meeting and connecting with an abundance of wonderful people.


I live in Copenhagen in a tiny apartment near the beach with my husband, best friend and greatest support Rasmus, and our son Samuel – the coolest, kindest, and most rambunctiously funny guy I know.


I have always enjoyed moving, creating, broadening my knowledge, expressing myself and exploring life. So that’s me: curious, playful, and kind of hobbit-like. Because while I do like to move, I also love relaxing, eating tasty food and spending time with the people I love the most.


From dancing throughout my childhood to studying acting for many years and working as an actor and director, my biggest passion in life has always been the performing arts. Yoga, however, came knocking one day, and I was hooked.


At first it seemed random, but now I see all the threads that connect acting and yoga. Both require discipline, understanding how we humans function - uniting our body, mind, and soul - being present, open, and have an innate sense of curiosity.


And so, I created Sara Skei Yoga & Teaterkunst. Because I love to teach and create, filling my days with yoga, acting, and getting to know a bunch of different people.

Sara Skei Munkner


2020 - 2021

Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Theatre

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

2020 - 2021

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
Matt Giordano

2014 - 2017

BA - level, Contemporary Method Acting

CISPA - Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts


15 hp, Political History of Ideas

University of Gothenburg

2012 - 2013

60 hp, Theatre Studies

University of Gothenburg

2012 - 2013

Sara Skei Munkner, a yoga teacher, drama teacher, actress and director


Nordiska Folk High School

2012 - 2013

Ballet Program

Fagerborg Upper Secondary School

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