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Let me introduce myself...

I am Sara Skei Munkner, a yoga teacher, drama teacher, actress and director.

I live in Copenhagen in a little apartment close to the beach with my husband, best friend and greatest support Rasmus, and our little baby boy Samuel. I have a love for yoga, theatre as well as art and culture in general. I always ask questions, seek knowledge and try to understand in depth how things function. A huge part of why I enjoy teaching so much is that - through teaching - I learn as well.

I have always enjoyed moving, creating, broadening my knowledge, expressing myself and exploring life. So that’s me: curious, playful and kind of hobbit-like. Because while I do like to move, I also love relaxing, eating good food and spending time with the people I love the most. 


Dance, Theatre & Yoga 

From dancing throughout my childhood to studying acting for many years and working as an actor and director, my biggest passion in life has always been to express myself through performance arts. Yoga, however, came knocking one day, and I was hooked.


In the beginning, it seemed random, but now I see all that acting and yoga has in common. Both disciplines are about understanding how we humans function - uniting our body, mind and soul - being present, open and curious. Today, I use yoga to express my creativity, as well as connecting to my body.



My teaching


In my classes I take inspiration from yoga, yoga philosophy (as well as other philosophies), psychology, acting, literature and dance. 


The first thing I work with when we meet is to give you a strong foundation, from there we will build towards getting creative in exploring new ways of moving. 


Participating in my classes you will become more aware of how your body and your mind function, helping you in creating healthy patterns for how you move, think and live. And finally, I will help you explore your inner landscape, find peace with your body and contentment in being you.

I have studied to become both a yoga teacher and a drama teacher gaining a  knowledge base of pedagogy, and I put a lot of thought into creating an optimal framework for my students to feel safe, develop, master their yoga practice and grow individually. I am here for you, guiding and supporting you as you thrive and develop.

Let's practice together

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