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I am here to help you become more aware. Aware of how your body and mind function. Of the unconscious patterns in the way you act and move. Aware of everything that lives within you. Of your passions, creativity and highest potential and of the wonderful experience of being alive.


My starting point is the physical practice. I draw a great deal of inspiration from Chromatic Yoga, the yoga system in which I was trained. It is founded by Matt Giordano and is a manifold, systematic approach to yoga with a great love for detail of anatomy and alignment. The sequences are created using a step-by-step method to help students develop a better understanding of how their body and mind work.

With the tools I have from Chromatic Yoga, as well as from acting, dance and pedagogy I will help you understand how to activate your body appropriately, so you can move with more quality and awareness.



As a base I start working on giving you a strong foundation. This will give you the grounding you need in order to expand into more freedom and creativity in the way you move. I will provide you with techniques, for getting the most out of the postures and teach you how to move with integrity, grace and quality.


Some of my classes are more Hatha inspired, focusing on technique and therapeutic alignment. In these classes you will hold a pose for a longer period of time, in order to acquire a deeper understanding of the practice.


Other classes will have a greater focus on movement and creativity, and you will flow and experience the freedom to move, express and create.


The last type of classes that I offer are restorative, with a greater focus on your inner experience, helping you achieve a healthy and warm relationship with yourself.

You can train with me privately, book me for an event or book me to do corporate classes for your employees. You can join one of my in-person courses or retreats, train with me online, and soon you can also join one of my online courses. I am currently working on creating different options for you so stay tuned for all the exciting news to come.


No matter what form the teaching will take, I will help you find contentment and appreciation with who you are, and support you in making the changes you need to feel aligned in your body and life.




Join me for virtual and live experiences private or in group





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Contact me  |  Tel: +45 93603975

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