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Sara Skei Yoga

My Teaching

I am here to help you become more aware. Aware of how your body and mind function. Of the unconscious patterns in the way you act and move. Aware of everything that lives within you. Of your passions, creativity and highest potential and of the wonderful experience of being alive.


Participating in my classes you will become more aware of how your body and mind function, helping you in creating healthy patterns for how you move, think and live. Additionally, I will help you explore your inner landscape, find peace within your body and contentment in being you.


The first thing I work with when we meet is to provide you with a solid foundation, from there on we will build towards getting creative in exploring new ways of moving. We’ll switch between focusing on one part and working with the mind-body as a whole.



I devide the method I teach into the three following categories. Sometimes we’ll touch on all three in one class, and other times we will focus on just one:



(Hatha inspired)

When I teach an alignment-based class, I use all my knowledge about anatomy to create a practice that heightens your body awareness and teach you how to practice yoga in the most efficient way, to strengthen and mobilize your body. In an alignment-based class we always have a specific muscle, action, or part of the body as a focus throughout the class. Each pose we do play a part in strengthening, mobilizing, and making you more aware of the specific technique or body part.


The class will be simple and clear in its structure and easy to follow. We’ll hold most poses for about three breaths. This type of class is all about diving deep into alignment, giving you a deeper understanding of the postures and your body.

Sara Skei Yoga


(Vinyasa Inspired)

Sara Skei Yoga

My vinyasa inspired classes are all about creativity. In these classes we will focus more on the transitions in between the postures, as well as musicality and movement quality. You will learn how to get in touch with your emotions and express yourself through movement. These classes will give you the opportunity to give your unique touch to the yoga practice and let your creativity loose. While we use the Alignment classes to focus more on one part of the body, we will use the flow classes to connect the body, surrender to flow and use the knowledge you gained and put your learnings into action.


(Yin/ gentle Hatha Inspired) 

My yin inspired classes are all about calming down the nervous system. We’ll focus on listening, instead of doing. You will learn how to become loving towards your body and your inner child. These classes will give you more mobility, as well as the ability to release and let go. The calmness of the body gives a wonderful opportunity to make you more aware of your intuition and inner dialogue. Therefor this practice is as much a practice for your mind as for your body.

Sara Skei Yoga


Would you like to become more present, connect to your body and soul and gain a bigger understanding of your practice, your body, and your mind? Then I might be the right teacher for you.


I have studied to become both a yoga teacher and a drama teacher gaining a knowledge base of pedagogy, and I use this knowledge to create an optimal framework for my students to feel safe as a group and grow individually. I always have a set goal for what I want you to take away at the end of the session in terms of new skills and understandings. All exercises and poses we go through are carefully picked to guide you towards the goal that I've set for the session.


My approach to yoga is creative, scientific, as well as down to earth. I will use yoga philosophy as an inspiration, but you will never hear me spouting knowledge about the body that is not scientifically proven. Pseudo-science is just not my thing. The yoga I teach is in the framework of our modern and western understanding of anatomy and psychology.

I love to dig deep in my classes and put effort into giving you not just a stronger and more flexible body, but more importantly a bigger understanding of your body and mind.

My most important goal in teaching is to make you feel comfortable and at home in your body, with an acceptance of who you are. I am here for you, guiding and supporting you through life’s twists and turns as you thrive and develop.



Sara Skei Yoga


Practice with me at Yoga Amager, every Monday 16.30 - 18.00. Read more about my yogacourse Connected Body here.



I'm teaching yogaclasses at the immersive yoga studio Rive Gauche in central Copenhagen.

Join me for a practice wrapped in a comforting deep blue light and surrounded by an ultra-dense sound system to the beat of hip hop, rap and soul. 



I'm teaching drama classes for kids at Pandoras Teaterskole, at KUBE and Danasvej Medborgerhus in Frederiksberg every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. 

I'm offering private classes online, at your home or at a studio. Read more here.

I'm offering yoga to your workplace. Contact me for more information.

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