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Sara Skei Yoga meets ULLA

Yoga to live music

Join this special yoga session, where you will be guided through a yoga practice accompanied by the soft and beautiful sound of live music played by musician ULLA.


ULLA is the creation of Amalie Ulla Pontoppidan Witt, a Copenhagen-based electronic singer/songwriter. She welcomes the listener into a sonic universe of desire, loneliness, fragility and deep longing. Her music contrasts floating, heartfelt vocal qualities with insistent mechanic beats. Through her music she openly shares thematic issues from her own life achieving a cathartic release - an ease of spirit - which she gently shares with you, the listener.


This will be an improvised session, a meeting of music and movement. The yoga practice is a soft and gentle Vinyasa practice, where we will focus on expansion and contraction. The class is a fusion of yoga, dance, acting and music. It is open to everyone, and no previous experience with yoga is required.


The theme of this class is longing, and I will guide you through a simple but powerful practice that will open your body physically and emotionally, and invite you to sense your own longing. You are welcome to bring pen and paper as means to help reflect in journal form after class. 


Take a break with us, let your body move, your soul be soothed and your heart speak.

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